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Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy Foundation (NSGPF)


“NSGPF provides essential funding for group therapy training and an important opportunity for the personal and professional growth of group leaders.”



The Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy Foundation (NSGPF) is a philanthropic, non-profit organization. We support excellence in group leadership training through scholarships and seed grants to clinicians, organizational leaders, and others who use group modalities to advance personal and professional development. In addition, the NSGPF has expanded its philanthropic reach and collaborates with a range of partners to enhance group leadership.

NSGPF’s Mission

NSGPF champions group psychotherapy and training in group leadership. The Foundation provides scholarships for clinicians seeking to apply group work to their practices; training for group therapists; funds for conferences on application of group therapy and trends in the field; and research support on group dynamics and group process.

Groups Are Our Foundation

We believe groups are a place to heal, to learn new skills, and to become more effective leaders. Well-trained group leaders promote connections, clear and effective communication, and an atmosphere of trust, empathy, inclusion, and caring. Well-run groups can lead to better personal and professional relationships.

Why invest in groups? Because they are the foundation of human development. We engage in groups throughout our lives: in our families, in school, at play, on teams, at work. The skills promoted by excellence in group leadership are transferrable to any environment that requires improved collaboration, communication, and understanding.

We offer scholarships to therapists and group leaders; grants to clinics that provide access to group psychotherapy in diverse communities; support for trainings and conferences that bring the latest research and practices to group leaders in the region; and programs that educate the public about the value of group modalities in personal and professional development.

We Are Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

NSGPF supports the goals of positive mental health and social justice for all in our community with the aim of respecting and promoting diversity, access, equity, and inclusion. We believe that groups play an important role in addressing and healing the systemic effects that oppression, inequity, and racism have on individuals in marginalized communities.

The Foundation Board is committed to continued learning and bold action regarding racial justice, equity, and inclusion. We believe it is the responsibility of our Board to work towards this goal alongside our community partners.

Learn more about the value of groups. Visit the websites of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy and the American Group Psychotherapy Association


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